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New-Age Retail Marketing: Customer Loyalty Management

In a paper titled "Trends in Retail Loyalty Management", Infosys consultant Vijay Chadha highlights the key business drivers in today's retail customer loyalty programs. He further explores how in the context of marketing challenges faced by retailers, the key to sustainable growth is a delightful customer experience.

What customers experience at every phase of a buying cycle has the potential to create either repeat shoppers or frustrated consumers. Targeted customer loyalty programs are an important means for retailers to ensure the former and avoid the latter. Today's digital consumers are open to sharing their needs and information, but they also demand better use of what they share. Focused loyalty management programs enable retailers to make optimal use of such information. Using such information, they can achieve better customer understanding to develop targeted communication, facilitate consistent cross-channel experiences, and realize differentiated brand value.


Published with permission of Internet Retailing


Vijay Chadha

Vijay Chadha, Principal Consultant – Consulting and Systems Integration, Infosys

A consultant with fourteen years' experience, Vijay has led multiple customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning transformations in the retail, consumer packaged goods, and manufacturing industries. His publications offer a practitioner’s perspective on topics such as CRM product evolution and optimization of voluminous data migrations in retail. He can be reached at

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