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e-Business Portal for a Leading Investment Bank

A global investment management company, with an asset base of over US$ 248 billion consisting of mutual funds and other investment vehicles, sought to increase its client focus and continue building client relationships through e-services. The company partnered with Infosys to provide self-servicing opportunities for its financial advisors and shareholders through a portal . Infosys developed an e-Business portal in Germany and rolled it out globally.


The client is a global investment management company. The company has an asset base of over US$ 248 billion consisting of mutual funds and other investment vehicles for individuals, institutions, pension plans, trusts and partnerships in 128 countries.

Business Need

With the objective of increasing its client focus and continuing to build relationships with clients wherever they wanted to conduct business, the financial firm identified e-services as a thrust area. To stay ahead of its competitors, the company wanted to create a portal to provide self-servicing opportunities for its financial advisors and shareholders. It aimed to reduce turnaround times and the load on its customer support staff by achieving Straight Through Processing (STP) of transactions. The company wanted to introduce a shared Internet tool and create a global platform for its associates through technical and process integration.

Challenges and Requirements

  • Decipher various trade statuses from the mainframe codes
  • Financial markets play by country-specific rules and a thorough understanding of the German tax calculations was crucial to developing a successful solution
  • The solution had to support near real-time update of the mainframe system straight from the Web and deal with real-time bar code serial numbers
  • The solution needed to be rolled out in multiple geographies in phases

Infosys' Role

The success of this project required a thorough understanding of the financial market and the company's operations. Infosys undertook an exercise to review multiple solutions before choosing a feasible one.

The Infosys team studied each and every code used in the trade. It also appointed legal and tax consultants in Germany, where the solution was rolled out initially, to understand the German taxation on funds.

Infosys charted out a strict release management plan to deliver the solution as soon as possible. The end-to-end e-Business solution was developed using a distributed computing multi-tier web model and based on IIS, MTS and SQL server technology platforms. The application was scalable to service a large number of concurrent users with 24/7 availability and advanced security features.

Since only a feature-rich service could help the client stay ahead of its competitors, Infosys used cutting edge technologies such as online intelligent forms, real-time interfacing with internal systems, shareholder portfolio analysis, tax calculations and multi-currency support.

  • Business requirements analysis
  • Data warehouse dimensional modeling
  • Architecture design
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) and business intelligence reporting development and implementation


Leveraging its Global Delivery Model (GDM), Infosys completed the project within one year. Benefits included:

  • The project helped the client to move ahead of competition
  • The global platform for its associates through technical and process integration resulted in significant reduction in costs associated with other distribution channels like printing and mailing.
  • The solution helped divert routine enquiries to the Web, thereby reducing the call volume at the customer support services center.
  • The solution impacted sales through online portfolio analysis and latest fund fact sheets.
  • The system went live successfully in Germany with a shareholder base of over 500,000. The user load supported by the system surpassed the peak user load expected by the client.

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