Service Offerings

Exponential growth of information, complexity arising from disparate information sources, unstructured formats, and poor quality of data pose challenges to information management. Infosys enables organizations to address these challenges and ensure return on information using an integrated enterprise information management (EIM) approach. This discipline spans the information life cycle, from information strategy and architecture to compliance and governance, using our C3 framework: 

  • Consolidate information
  • Conserve information
  • Convey information

Business delivery platform

Infosys Business Delivery Platform (BDP) is a comprehensive, cost-effective, and scalable suite of solutions that address information management from multiple dimensions – functionality, technology, and business processes. We offer a consolidated platform covering areas such as content management, search, and e-discovery to address your needs quickly and cost-effectively.

Business intelligence and data warehousing

Infosys has extensive experience in providing business intelligence and data warehousing solutions on a global platform. We help architect and implement end-to-end solutions that ensure return on information.

Enterprise content management

With Infosys Enterprise Content Management solution, you can leverage enterprise knowledge assets for competitive advantage by structuring the information for easy access and retrieval. We help you manage the entire life cycle of content and implement comprehensive solutions

Enterprise information portal

Proliferation of disparate IT applications is a challenge for organizations. Infosys Enterprise Information Portal services helps you implement portal solutions to create a single point for accessing information, managing user expectations, and handling governance issues, while bringing order and predictability into your enterprise portal evolution.

Enterprise search

Infosys Enterprise Search services help your organization access information, gain insights into your business, and leverage them to gain a competitive edge.

Identity management

Managing and securing information is central to organizational success. Identity Management, a comprehensive framework from Infosys covers the entire identity life cycle – comprising the creation, management and de-commissioning of stakeholder identities.

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