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Enterprise Search

Organizations spend a significant amount of their time managing their information assets. With more than 85 percent of business information existing in an unstructured form, they are faced with highly distributed and fragmented pools of intelligence. Organizations need scalable search solutions to help manage and leverage information effectively.

Search technologies have evolved to cover more than just pure 'keyword' matching. Our Enterprise Search services help organizations access information, gain insights into their business and leverage them to gain a competitive edge. It is achieved by providing a platform for augmented business intelligence, an engine for contextual and semantic information integration and improving user productivity.

Our Enterprise Search solutions include:

  • Consumer Intelligence Platform: Develops consumer insights and helps organizations differentiate through market optimization, targeted promotions and new product strategy
  • Experience Analytics: Analyzes customer experiences at various customer touch points
  • Immersive Workbench: A search-enabled UI framework that proactively sources information relevant to the user's current transaction, thereby improving user productivity
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