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Identity Management

Managing and securing information is central to organizational success. A well architected, federated identity management solution enables organizations to implement a sound authentication and authorization mechanism to address regulatory concerns and overcome security, productivity and efficiency issues arising from scattered, multiple sources of identity and security information. Adherence to regulatory compliance and privacy laws are also key enablers from the identity management stable.

Infosys' comprehensive identity management framework covers the identity lifecycle (creating, managing and de-commissioning stakeholder identities). We help you implement effective access control mechanisms; maintain user information integrity and confidentiality; reduce the cost of user management; reduce the cost of helpdesk calls and application maintenance while increasing productivity. In addition, we help you maintain user information integrity and confidentiality.

Infosys' Identity and Access Management (IAM) services include:

  • IAM consulting: Identity lifecycle / security compliance consulting, architecture evaluation
  • Directory services: User / group / role profiling and consolidation
  • Identity Lifecycle Management: Evaluating compliance and controls evaluation, audits and reports
  • Access management: Role engineering, role-based access control, single sign-on
  • Integration with portals, BPM tools and ECM for forensics and content security
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