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A reference guide to successful data center migration

Data centers operate in a dynamic landscape. Applications and data in the production environment change constantly and get replicated to a remote disaster recovery facility on a regular basis. To develop an effective data center migration strategy, you need to evaluate all the facets of your IT environment. Our e-book proposes an end-to-end approach to migrate large data center environments. Our approach helps you meet regulatory requirements, realize cost efficiencies, and improve availability and recoverability of business IT services.



Make Money from Information with a Data Integration Competency Center
Global companies establish Data Integration Competency Centers (DICCs) to centralize data integration, improve productivity, enhance service quality and reduce cost. Strategic initiatives requiring data integration make a structured and process-driven, integrated data organization a business imperative. In an article in B-eye-network.com, Infosys' experts discuss the challenges of engaging a DICC and define a framework to realize its benefits.

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Infosys Technologies receives "Positive" Rating in Leading Analyst Firm's Remote Support & Monitoring Services' MarketScope Reports

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