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The Infosys Digital Transformation (Dx) Management Consulting practice has expertise in design thinking, agile transformation, technology strategy, organizational change, and a rigorous campaign management methodology to ensure that CMOs initiatives are:

  • Strategic and transformational
  • Operationally efficient and obsessively focused on revenue and cost, and
  • Continuously innovating

We understand today's rapidly changing global, social, and mobile landscape and seek to define the data and insights that shape your competitive advantage. We specialize in large-scale enterprise transformations and possess a keen understanding of the types of data and technology essential in the marketing-scape today. Our Dx consultants bring a full spectrum of expertise across commerce, mobile, social, and analytics strategy.

The advent of real-time, global marketing has introduced layers of complexity to traditionally creative and campaign driven organizations. Despite concerted efforts, silos continue to exist, and have even significantly increased in some cases. New customer segments, product portfolios, and bleeding edge technologies are cropping up every day, resulting in additional matrices and cross-functional teams. Due to these challenges, chief marketing officers (CMOs) are demanding more from their traditional agency partners.

Our focused set of complementary agency services include:

  • Integrated marketing
  • Performance and analytics
  • Content and customer experience
  • 720° consumer insights
  • Social engagement

Integrated marketing
Enterprises face the daunting task of managing global marketing campaigns – with the same rigor and discipline – from ideation to execution. The Infosys Integrated Marketing offering is an adaptive methodology that will maximize the impact of your global campaign investments and integrate efforts throughout the life of the campaign across stakeholders and functions.

Content and UX strategy
Everything you knew about how to interact with your customer has changed in the last two years, or even in the last week for that matter. Enterprises are challenged with managing dynamic touch point opportunities with a variety of users that exist in today’s marketplace. The Infosys Content and UX Strategy offering will help you develop and execute a strategy to maximize ROI and personalize customer experiences. We leverage agile and design thinking to create solutions to manage real-time data and requirements of your customers and partners.

Performance and analytics
Fragmented governance across business units and ambiguity in processes make it challenging for enterprises to execute a cohesive marketing, performance, and analytics strategy. The Infosys Performance and Analytics offering will help you develop and execute a rigorous marketing performance and analytics strategy. We will guide your stakeholders and functional teams to identify strategic, business, and functional key performance indicators, understand the true impact and value of those measures in order enable maximal data driven decision-making.

720° consumer insights
Sales, marketing, customer service, supply chain, and other areas are laden with seemingly endless processes, systems, and applications complexity. This makes it difficult for enterprises to understand their customers from different internal and external touch points. Infosys 720° Consumer Insight Strategy offering will integrate internal customer processes, applications, systems, tools, and data with external customer data such as third-party marketing research and social data. In doing so, you will have a 360° internal + 360° external customer point-of-view.

Social engagement
Your enterprise may have 8 business functions with over 10 global call centers, 150+ social media accounts, and 100+ internal and external segregated communities and forums. This makes it challenging to develop an integrated, global, multi-touch customer engagement strategy. Infosys Social Engagement offering will help you execute an integrated sales, customer service, marketing, and branding engagement strategy. Social is no longer just about online and mobile consumer applications; contact centers, internal forums, external communities, and customer service knowledge management databases are all part of a cohesive and integrated social engagement strategy now.




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