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Agile Enterprise

For most companies, a faster reaction in the market is critical. Many have tried Agile software approaches but cultural barriers remain that have meant that the promise of better approaches have failed to materialize. Such barriers are preventing change within our clients’ technology services organization.

Our Agile enterprise services are designed to breakdown cultural barriers, equip colleagues to think and operate differently, and help you rework organizational structures.

In practice, we tend to work on these changes incrementally and in parallel, using key projects as vehicles for change.

Our accelerated techniques include:

  • Design Thinking workshops to set direction
  • Catalyst teams to prototype ideas and take them to market very rapidly
  • Design factories to develop design and test concepts
  • Agile development coaching and training to equip colleagues to employ alternative approaches
  • Change management consulting to help people to change
  • Large-scale Design Thinking training to develop creative confidence within the IT organization and to bring together business, IT and operational teams around a new customer-centric agenda
  • New working methods and product development approaches

We have delivered the following measurable results for our clients:

  • Supporting their business and planning capabilities to experience fewer cost over-runs and less write-offs
  • Reducing release cycles from six months down to five weeks
  • Realizing 50% more features for the same effort
  • Reducing 75% of support costs
  • Achieving 0% performance defects in digital assets

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