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Business analytics and big data

Well-run companies manage their business processes using real-time predictive analytics based on dynamic business analytics technologies.

Perfectly coordinated and flexible business analytics processes enable enterprises to discover market potentials, improve their business accordingly, and react quickly to market demands. Using the increasing volumes of internal and external data effectively can lead to significant company benefits and higher predictability for the business. Effective use of big data will drive new offerings in the market, better analysis of customer behavior, operations, internal and external business drivers, and opinions.

Infosys Consulting offers holistic services by combining industry, process and technology strength, in order to transform data into decisions; teaming with leading application providers (like SAP, Oracle, Tableau and others) as well as using internal tools such as the Infosys information platform.

Sub-Service Offering for “Business Analytics & Big Data”

In-memory solutions (SAP HANA)

Business challenge

To be agile in the marketplace, companies need to derive actionable insights from information in real-time.

The power of HANA can unlock insights by building KPIs on top of real-time transactional data, allowing an instant root-cause analysis to support fast responses to trends.

Data volumes are progressively growing and HANA provides the strategic ability to process large amounts of business data, external data, planning functions, unstructured data, etc.

Service offering

  • With SAP Business Warehouse powered by HANA, we upgrade and migrate the existing BW landscape and optimize data flows and storage strategies for faster results
  • Financial planning or supply chain planning. Design fast performing and detailed planning scenarios,while leveraging HANA as a part of SAP BI-IP, SAP BPC or APO implementations
  • Fast deployment of HANA live view for operational reporting , reducing the need for ABAP
  • With Business Suite on HANA you can use the power of HANA, for example, ERP, CRM or SCM processes


By bringing together a team of business consultants and HANA experts, we will:

  • Develop the use case and value of a HANA implementation, including process enhancements
  • Leverage past upgrade and migration experiences
  • End-to-end design and deployment of HANA-based solutions


  • Deploy advanced analytics, delivering actionable insights through root cause analysis on rich and detailed data in real-time
  • Deploy more detailed and insightful planning scenarios
  • Reduce the overhead and cost of ABAP reports, by deploying HANA live views for operational reporting
  • Transforming long-running business calculations into real-time processes
  • Fewer systems and lesser storage needed
  • Easy customization with flexible, on-the-fly schema extensibility

Sub-Service Offering “Business Analytics & Big Data”

Big data

Business challenge

Companies are confronted with an ever increasing amount of data in different formats and from different sources, both inside and outside of the company.

How do we identify which data sources can be leveraged to gain competitive insights?

How do we transform a traditional enterprise data model to incorporate these new data sources and which infrastructure, user capability and governance transformations are required?

Service offering

  • With data discovery services, we aim to provide an intuitive way to find actionable insights across diverse sources, leveraging known data sources and proven value cases
  • Our big data implementation services allow for the full implementation of big data solutions, including strategy and vision, business opportunities, functional specification, technical design, build and collaboration with key users


By bringing together a team of business consultants, data scientists, and system integration experts, we will:

  • Identify the potential value in your data sources
  • Conduct a data exploration to test value-creating hypotheses
  • Build a design based on confirmed value cases from the data exploration exercise
  • Create a solution architecture and lead the deployment to incorporate big data based capabilities in current business processes


  • Gain a competitive advantage by spotting market trends from various external sources
  • Understand the value of your data and build capabilities to derive business insights from correlations between complex customer behavior data, clickstream data, machine data, logistics movements, financial transactions, economic statistics, communication data, social media, and many more
  • Transform the infrastructure and governance processes to enable big data exploration and value creation

Sub-Service Offering “Business Analytics & Big Data”

BI advanced analytics

Business challenge

  • Drive value from a growing number of information streams of structured and unstructured data
  • Find actionable insights across diverse data sources
  • Make decisions faster
  • Adapt to new technologies

Service offering

  • Predictive analytics
    • Mathematical modeling of engineering processes
    • Deterministic and Stochastic modeling
    • Optimization – Gradient and Meta Heuristics
    • Knowledge-based modeling
  • Operations research
  • Social analytics
    • Voice of the customer platform


Our team of business consultants, data scientists and system integration experts can help you to:

  • Identify and qualify analytics business opportunities throughout your value chain
  • Deploy a structured engagement model with the business to generate / manage analytics demand
  • Deploy our proven advanced analytics operating model: Excite à Prospect à Experiment à Operate
  • Build an advanced analytics roadmap
  • Setup an advanced analytics center of excellence


Adaptors for transforming data from newer sources, such as social media and enterprise unstructured data, and modular architecture enable pluggable analytical models and flexible integration with tools.

Recognized analytics capabilities:

  • 250+ data science professionals
  • 40+ engagements

Innovation circle of excellence consisting of Infosys Labs, reputed academia and internal AA community

Infosys IP:

  • 250+ algorithms
  • 20+ analytics patents

Sub-Service Offering for “Business Analytics & Big Data”

Enterprise performance management

Business challenge

  • Business analytics often remain siloed in functional departments
  • Performance management systems tend to miss strategic alignment and inhibit strategy execution
  • Value chain dissemination and new industry partnering models – for example, in healthcare – require new performance management capabilities
  • Mobile devices offer new ways of designing performance management processes across the enterprise

Service offering

  • Our performance management health-check offers a review of the existing performance management set-up and business case development for future value generation
  • Our KPI framework assessment offers to review the alignment between corporate or functional strategies and existing performance measurement systems
  • Our performance management IT strategy defines the future IT and vendor strategy for an adequate set of corporate performance management applications


  • By bringing together a team of business consultants, corporate performance management system engineers and architects, we will assess and heat-map possible drawbacks in the existing performance management set-up
  • Our Value Realization Method (VRM) will serve to define hypotheses about future value generation accelerators
  • Based on our system integration expertise, we will define a future-oriented performance management strategy


  • Accelerated strategy execution by rebalancing the use of key performance indicators with strategic objectives
  • Faster response to external or internal changes by anticipating performance trends well in advance
  • State-of-the art information dissemination in line with new industry and workforce models
  • Effective decision support based on readjusted balance of leading and lagging performance indicators
  • Increased employee performance by increasing transparency on corporate objectives

Sub-Service Offering for “Business Analytics & Big Data”

Data visualization and mobile analytics

Business challenge – Data visualization

Business analytics are too often focused only on traditional enterprise application data.

How can companies derive insights from new information streams like market information, web logs, customer forums, social media, trade publications, device maintenance logs, lab results, unstructured documentation, and more?

Business challenge – Mobile analytics

Insightful information at the right time, from any location, enables companies to make informed decisions. Mobile analytics provides a solution to companies – especially where their workforce is constantly on the road, having connectivity to their backend BI systems enables them to keep pace.

The explosion of mobile devices and mobile BI solutions in recent years has saturated the market, making it difficult for companies to conceptualize a strategy and architect a solution to meet their business needs whilst maintaining security.

Service Offering – Data visualization

  • With data discovery and visualization services, we aim to provide an intuitive way to find actionable insights across diverse sources by visualizing trends and supporting collaboration
  • Our data virtualization services allow for the design of a virtual integration layer across your information sources, platforms and data types. Value is derived from the insights generated from meaningful linkages created across a myriad of information.

Service Offering – Mobile analytics

  • Developing a mobile analytics strategy and roadmap based on the client’s pressing needs and our understanding of their industry and typical use cases
  • Architecting a solution that connects into existing BI infrastructures, whether in-house or a hosted cloud solution; or a customized solution provided by our partners or a bespoke solution tailored to our client’s needs

Execution – Data visualization

By bringing together a team of business consultants, data scientists and system integration experts, we will:

  • Identify the potential value in your data sources
  • Conduct a data exploration to test value-creating hypotheses
  • Design a virtual infrastructure which will allow an ever-increasing set of data to provide insights
  • Deploy visualization tools
  • Deploy leading technologies such as Tableau, Spotfire, Lumira, Qlikview, Denodo, Informatica Power Center, IBM InfoSphere, Birst, and Composite Software

Execution – Data mobile analytics

Building a core team of mobile BI professionals supported by our wider industry experts. Our immediate goals are:

  • Identify our current expertise and experience in this area
  • Understand technologies and vendors in the market and the solutions they offer around mobile analytics and Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Work with our industry experts to identify use cases
  • Set up environments to self-learn and create demos which can be showcased to clients

Value – Data visualization

  • Gain a competitive advantage by spotting market trends from various external sources
  • Allow a 360-degree customer view by listening to the customer, and understanding trends and correlations in customer communications and actions
  • Remove “internal data blinders” by measuring enterprise performance against external benchmarks and trends
  • Understand the value of your data and build capabilities to derive business insights from traditional and new information sources

Value - Mobile analytics

  • Clients can further realize initial BI investments by being able to extend delivery to mobile devices – enabling their workforce to be kept informed and active even when away from the office
  • Infosys can tap into existing client engagements and sell this service as an add-on to BI implementations
  • Infosys can provide an unbiased view on mobile analytic solutions, agnostic of vendors
  • In the longer term, Infosys can extend scope of services by hosting mobile solutions in our own cloud, procured devices, etc., thus providing clients a range of options

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