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Business Process Optimization

In our Business Process Optimization offerings we use our experience, tools and methods to enable you to improve the design and management of your key business processes

Our Business Process Streamlining offering enables you to optimize/harmonize your business and IT processes to increase the speed and reliability of execution and decrease cost, error rates, failure to meet customer needs. We use a customized approach and toolset for each client, based proven methods and tools from Lean and Six Sigma. We pay high attention to training and enabling client staff to ensure sustained results and to establish a continuous improvement mind-set. Business Process Streamlining has two main focal points:

  • Process Design and Streamlining: with the combination of our experience in Six Sigma, Lean, best practice business process frameworks and process digitalization we support our clients in implementing highly effective processes, streamlined to value adding activities. This involves process simplification, harmonization, automation and interface optimization
  • Process Automation and Performance Monitoring: we help our client to establish mechanisms for regularly monitoring and controlling process performance. Process controls enable our clients to determine deviations in delivering the expected service levels at an early stage, to apply countermeasures and to continuously improve the service provided.

Our Business Process Management offering uses our Business Process Management Framework (shown below) to

Business Process Management

  • Improve the  agility and velocity to respond to market und customer demands and to embrace new business models
  • Increase straight through processing (STP) to deliver services faster, more reliably and with less resource consumption.
  • Orchestrate end-to-end processes across business partners and service networks
  • Improve transparency and manageability of process performance
  • Ensure compliance and reduce risk of non-conformance with regulatory requirements

The Business Process Management offering has two focal points:

  • Process Architecture Design and Optimization: we help you to apply a portfolio approach to business processes, focusing on processes and services that are crucial to the core business. We work with you to develop and optimize the process landscape, design and implement process classification and process and service definition.
  • Process Organization and Governance: we enable you to establish process management related roles and responsibilities in a manner that allows smooth integration with the line organization. Organizational control is provided by robust governance structures and alignment with the business operating model and strategic business objectives.

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