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Customer Experience Management

Through this service we helps our clients focus on their customers and improve their customers’ experiences across any and all touch points. We help our clients to improve their customers’ experience by considering how to:

  • Increase NPS /customer sentiment
  • Increase customer engagement and therefore loyalty and lifetime value
  • Increase customer acquisition / decrease the cost of acquisition
  • Delivering better self-service, call avoidance / deflection
  • Connecting technology projects with the brand promise rather than functionality

We adopt an holistic approach to designing a better customer experience through:

  • Top down, strategy-led thinking: This could include the redesign of the service to deliver on the brand / customer promise
  • Outside-in competitor and comparator analysis: We help our clients look beyond their normal competitor list
  • Inside-out: We help improve process performance to deliver both better experiences and the business case for project execution
  • Bottom-up: The design of customer touch points within and across channels to deliver the most appropriate experience

Our approach aims to bring your projects closer to the end customer through early stage customer research and design, project prioritization led by customer needs, and accelerated development. We use Design Thinking at the center of our approach.

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