Service Offerings

Data governance

Our data governance team helps companies define their strategies and identify proactive data quality management programs to improve the quality of their data. We focus on identifying quick wins and actionable metrics so that companies better understand their key data, issues with it, and how to remediate and govern for the future.

Companies often speak out about the quality and accuracy of their data but struggle to tackle the problem, since the scale of the problem could be vast and, in some cases, unknown.

The data governance team helps by redefining strategies to improve date quality and accuracy.

Infosys offers data governance initiatives for:

  • Data governance strategy: To identify the capabilities an organization should have for data governance and when to implement them
  • Data quality management: To define a strategy to improve the quality of key data within an organization (for key data domains such as customer, product, etc.)
  • Data governance organization strategy: To help companies develop and define roles and responsibilities to start a data governance organization