Service Offerings

Digital Marketing

Management of marketing content is becoming increasingly complex as content is used on many owned and syndicated platforms. Digital content is used in stores, email, digital channels, social channels, content delivered to call center operators, and content published on third-party properties. The challenge of creating, managing, distributing and measuring the effectiveness of content is also increasing in complexity. As we drive towards a 1:1 relationship with customers and extend the use of rich content, the challenge is increasing exponentially.

Our clients ask us to support the increased complexity of modern marketing while reducing operating and system costs and the cost of content production. Our services are focused on the delivery of modern campaign and content management solutions that will:

  • Deliver better customer engagement solutions
  • Improve the management and distribution of personalized content
  • Deliver up-to-date content management and targeting systems
  • Deliver a unified marketing measurement solution
  • Lower the cost of ownership

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