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Today’s finance businesses are facing even more challenges – not least increased pressure from the market and regulators to close the financial books within tighter timelines. At the same time, finance businesses have to provide more in-depth business insights to support better and faster decision making.

Our financial management services are designed to help our clients build a world-class finance function that consistently delivers added value to their organisation.

  • Finance Operating Models: Designing the best-fit organisation for your finance function with expert advice on how to optimise your global capabilities, enable business strategy and value creation
  • Financial Accounting: helping you to r un your accounting activities with precision and efficiency to ensure the organisation has timely, compliant and accurate financial information to work with
  • Cost Accounting: Understanding the cost drivers of your organisation to enable the comparative profitability analysis of diverse activities and the effective root cause analysis of any performance issues
    • Finance Master Data Management: Ensuring your business is equipped to adapt to the increasing pressures of regulatory compliance and the need for better decision-making
  • Corporate Treasury: Empowering your corporate treasury team to provide the business with high-value analysis in the face of increasing transaction volumes, foreign-currency volatility and tighter regulation
  • Billing & Revenue Management : Providing rules driven and relationship based pricing, a seamless integration between disparate billing systems and flexibility to support a scalable approach to Billing Transformation
  • Financial Consolidation & Reporting :
    • Finance Consolidation : Improving your financial consolidation and facilitating the integration of new activities. Ensuring compliance with group accounting standards and satisfy the expectations of multiple stakeholders
    • Management Reporting : Ensuring better decision-making in the face of activity diversification and market volatility. Harnessing the power of big data to understand the causes of your performance trends
  • Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting : Globalisation and the need for market agility are leading more companies to invest in best of breed Budgeting, Planning and Forcasting solution. We help you to optimise your End-to-End processes for better predictability and to outperform the competition

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