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Infosys Finance Transformation solution leveraging Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA)

Are you looking to achieve the following objectives?

  • Risk-weighted profitable growth
  • Flexibility to support ever-changing regulatory compliance and accounting requirements
  • Continued business growth by delivering better product pricing and value to customers
  • World-class employee productivity through higher automation and simplified reconciliation


  • Finance, risk and performance management systems are not integrated causing reporting inaccuracies, reconciliation issues, and limited visibility to new market trends.


  • Single source of truth
  • Common reference data model for applications
  • Single point of reconciliation
  • Simplified architecture supporting end-to-end processes

Infosys Finance Transformation solution can help you achieve your business objectives. It is built on the Oracle product stack and is enhanced with our tools, accelerators, and transformation services. It helps:

  • Envision the to-be finance architecture
  • Do rapid proofs of concept
  • Leverage the Infosys Value Map to build your business case
  • Jumpstart your implementation with use cases

The solution seamlessly integrates business processes across all industry segments by covering the full breadth of data flows from various business systems to better enable financial, regulatory, and management reporting. It has inbuilt processes, ability to integrate with different applications, and an enhanced data model, as well as standard out-of-box functionalities provided by Oracle. The solution helps enterprises shift from being a finance steward to a strategic business partner.

Solution highlights

Solution highlights

Finance and accounting

  • Deliver an efficient accounting system with a robust reconciliation engine providing granularity and eliminating redundant processes

Governance, risk, and compliance

  • Meet stakeholder expectations on regulatory compliance and improve operational efficiencies

Performance management

  • As operating business models change, it presents new ways for effective capital management and increased shareholder wealth

The Infosys solution delivers business value by providing:

  • Data consistency and integrity
  • Custom-built three-way reconciliation
  • Accurate management of mismatches
  • Foundation for reporting to address FATCA, IFRS, Basel-II, and others
  • Mitigation to operational risks with the ability to break down payments silos supported by easy integration
  • Ready-to-use data quality utility and dashboards for timely reporting
  • Flexibility to accommodate varied financial instruments
  • Rapid implementation using a pre-built data model
  • Clear and transparent business models for value and growth

Infosys is a Diamond partner with Oracle. Our long track record of successfully implementing Oracle products coupled with our co-development of products positions us with unique experience and product knowledge to deliver a solution tailored to customer requirements. Infosys has developed the proprietary IMPACT framework for delivering finance transformation projects.

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