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Infosys has deep experience and knowledge in HANA strategy, technical architecture, and business process optimizations combined with best practices to build HANA capabilities within your organization.

Business drivers for HANA

  • Less overheads, higher compression rates, and reduction of complexity in DBMS (simplified data models)
  • Faster speed leads to less time and energy consumption per business processes, reduction of aggregations and storage of identical data sets in different places (no reconciliations)
  • Easier development of new business process designs
  • Simplified infrastructure and therefore reduction in TCO for IT
  • Multi-tenant and cloud adaptability
  • State-of-the-art user experience with SAP Fiori

Service Offering

  • HANA advisory and center of excellence services – from strategy, design, training, and sourcing to delivery in all areas of the HANA journey
  • Platform services for HANA – evaluate/configure state-of-the-art architecture landscape design, migrations and data center set up – cloud, on-premise or hybrid
  • Defining reporting and analytics solutions with a consistent KPI framework for corporate and operational management on a global/local level
  • Business solutions and business suite for HANA (S/4) - reviewing and alignment of business solutions and custom apps with best practices on financials, procurement, sales, marketing, IT, human resources, and operations

Service offering overview

key Service Offerings

Advisory Services

Platform Services

Reporting and Analytics

Business Solutions



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