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Program management and governance

Complex organizations are increasingly faced with challenges in structuring, governing, and managing transformation programs to realize expected outcomes. As the scale and scope of managed services expand, the demand for productivity and improvement of services delivery increases, thereby creating a need for sophisticated governance capabilities.

Key challenges include:

  • Executive engagement and decision making
  • Scalable program management processes
  • Ensuring business engagement
  • Quality Assurance and risk mitigation
  • Multi-vendor collaboration

Infosys has developed a scalable approach to the management and governance of business transformation programs within the ‘lead and manage thread’ of our IMAPCT framework. This includes a comprehensive program management methodology and governance framework to successfully plan, resource, and manage delivery of business transformation programs. Our approach is aligned with PMI and is embedded with value realization best practices for key program management processes.

  • We helped our clients focus on realizing expected value while deploying large-scale transformation programs on time and within budget
  • We governed complex, large-scale managed services programs that involved 1400 resources targeting 30 percent improvement in productivity over a period of five years
  • We built a robust PMO, scope and solution governance process for a four-year ERP enabled transformation worth US$60 million

To realizing the expected value from large-scale transformation and managed services engagements, experienced leaders and the implementation of a robust program management and governance framework are needed. Infosys provides clients with leadership, guidance, and structure to deliver the desired business capability. Additionally, we deploy management processes and tools to improve transformation efficiency while optimizing resource deployment across multiple work centers in the global delivery model.

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