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Implementation of SAP and associated solutions

New technologies have the potential to create an accelerated business value through a network approach. This can be realized by renewing the application landscape - by deploying latest releases of the ERP core - to enable new functionalities, as well as by adding new capabilities by extending the existing application landscape through new solutions that target specific business functions where the existing or renewed ERP core falls short.

Our offerings around the implementation of SAP and associated solutions support our clients in the following areas:

  • SAP Simple Finance : Because Simple Finance on HANA integrates fully with an organization’s existing finance application, it enables fundamental reengineering and simplification of financial processes. We have worked with Simple Finance on HANA, in partnership with our clients and SAP, since before its release. With our expertise in financial management and our in-depth knowledge of SAP, we can quickly identify what this technology can do for your organization.
  • SAP ECC upgrades and interface optimization : Utilizing new functionalities in latest SAP ECC releases, bringing capabilities back to standard from often, highly customized solutions in earlier releases as well as optimizing integration layers to interfaced applications.
  • SAP APO value chain planning implementation services : We support clients in eliminating planning silos between supply chain nodes and enable organizations to quickly react to supply chain and market changes. Aligned data and system support makes a high level of automation of planning tasks possible for core supply chain planning processes:
    • Forecasting and demand planning
    • Supply and distribution requirements planning
    • Capacity and production planning
    • Order promising and allocation planning
    • Inventory optimization
  • Simple Logistics, SAP S&OP on HANA, SAP IBP : We recognize that traditional perspectives on supply chain are not always adequate to address today’s challenges. Deploying new technologies based on in-memory computing enables fast decision-making based on real-time information in supply chain planning and execution frameworks.
  • SAP eWM implementation services : Enhancing your warehouse management capabilities by gaining control over warehouse efficiency, transforming your operations, and increasing your competitiveness.
  • SAP SRM and Ariba implementation services : SAP procurement applications in Ariba, SRM, eSourcing, and ERP provide comprehensive functionality for source–to-pay processes. Enterprises sometimes struggle to make the right choice for their situation, considering the variety of functionality and applications provided by SAP and differences in their maturity levels. We advise clients to select the appropriate set of SAP applications and functionality, potentially amended by best-of-breed applications and software-as-a-service solutions. We design, implement, and manage what we recommend for seamless services throughout the project lifecycle, enabling enhanced supplier relationship management capabilities.
  • SAP CRM implementation services : Improving customer insights and increasing sales performance by utilizing dedicated customer relationship solutions.
  • SAP PLM implementation services : Time-to-market and market leadership is the core success point of companies with innovative products and services. Companies are faced with shorter product lifecycles, shorter development times, and many other issues in the context of a comprehensive approach to the integrated control and management of all product-related and process-related data over the entire product lifecycle. PLM cannot be seen as a stand-alone application only. It is a complex interaction of a variety of people, processes, hundreds of tools, methods, technology and data over the whole product lifecycle.
  • Laboratory information management system (LIMS): One of the key demands for the future is to enable laboratories to work seamlessly with the internal and external supply chain processes. State-of-the-art LIMS solutions have become commonplace in the quality control laboratories. Almost all major companies have implemented new systems and have gained significant operational experience. However, even with a modern LIMS system, especially when working in a regulated environment, seamless integration with the company’s supply chain remains a challenge for most organizations.
  • Shop floor assessment and optimization (MES services): Supporting our clients in designing and implementing a best-in-class MES solution that is seamlessly integrated into the ERP backbone, establishing an efficient shop floor management for production orders and embedded logistics processes and supporting tasks such as quality management and plant maintenance. With this, we provide a basis for measuring and optimizing the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and ongoing performance improvement programs, often linked to using establishing lean shop-floor principles.

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