Service Offerings

SAP operational excellence

We use our deep experience and proven design and implementation approaches to help you design, implement, and continually improve you capability to operate the SAP ecosystem. We will help you to:

  • Extend the service offerings and delivery capabilities for your SAP competence center to allow your business to get the maximum out of SAP
  • Put in place SAP competence center structures that fit your business needs and allow you to scale in case of changing business requirements
  • Optimize SAP run process efficiency to lower costs
  • Ensure SAP continuity at the right level to guarantee your business‘ continuity requirements
  • Ensure compliance of your SAP operation to regulatory and validation requirements
  • Run SAP operations as a business to provide your business predictable costs
  • Integrate external service providers to minimize costs while staying in control and keeping critical knowledge in-house
  • Develop SAP enhancements in an agile manner and ensure safeguarded transitions run

Our offerings focus on:

  • Service portfolio design and streamlining : We help our clients optimize the portfolio of their SAP operations capabilities allowing them to focus on what their business really needs and gain the maximum value out of SAP. In addition, we optimize the structure of their services around SAP in a manner that brings them into a position to offer them to their business functions for predictable prices.
  • SAP organization design and sizing : We enable our clients to structure their SAP competence centers in a manner that best supports their individual business model, is sized to actual business demand, and capable of competing with market benchmarks. Organizational control will be provided by robust governance structures, vendor management functions, and business interaction models.
  • Process design and streamlining : With our deep experience in Lean IT, the ITIL framework, and business process management, we support our clients inputting processes to provide the required level of business continuity for SAP and are streamlined to value-giving activities.
  • Control and compliance : We develop control frameworks and governance structures that allow SAP operation functions to meet regulative requirements and minimize potential risks. Besides our general IT governance expertise, we bring deep industry-specific knowledge about control frameworks for the life sciences and financial services industries.

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