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SAP template design and implementation

We have deep experience across many industries in designing and implementing global and regional SAP template systems, either as part of a wider business transformation or as part of a strategy to converge existing SAP/ERP systems.

We use our Insight-Design-Execute-Achieve (IDEA) method to provide a systematic approach for moving from business validated strategies to enabling processes and systems.

IDEA combines our best practices, garnered from a large number of global business transformation projects with the standards from SAP’s Global ASAP, PMI, and Six Sigma. Its strengths are its global thrust, broad lifecycle coverage, long sustainable performance improvement focus, and our capability to tailor and combine it selectively with other standards.

IDEA provides a full toolkit of best practices, accelerators, and quality management checkpoints that our experienced consultants use to help you plan and deliver your SAP template program.

The INSIGHT stage of IDEA lays the foundation for success by building a strategic blueprint that ensures a strong alignment with the business transformation agenda, business engagement in defining the target business process framework from level 0 to level 2, builds the business case and consensus on the business benefits targets, and maps SAP to the business framework. In parallel, a program definition document is produced, which defines the strategy for enterprise IT, implementation scope and approach, program management, data management, and organization change.

The DESIGN stage of IDEA designs and builds the global/regional template by bringing business and IT together to define a global blueprint document that describes, amongst other things, the business processes, business process flows, and business scenarios in the business blueprint, generates the RICEF list, development and configuration standards, and the data conversion object list. The template is then built into a realization phase that builds, tests and quality controls the SAP template.

The EXECUTE stage of IDEA manages the program for deploying the template. It defines the overall implementation approach and schedule and provides the detailed process for (limited) localization of the template, followed by testing, training, and going live.

The ACHIEVE stage of IDEA sets up the governance, monitoring, user engagement, and continual improvement processes that deliver continuing benefits to the business.

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