Service Offerings

Transformation program management quality assurance

Our transformation professionals have significant expertise in program quality assurance. We focus our transformation program management quality assurance in two areas:

  • Turn-around services : Our program managers have the experience to course correct and rescue ailing complex programs via QA / advisory interventions, including dealing with immediate fire-fighting and re-planning the program to achieve success
  • Program QA oversight partner : In this offering, we support you in getting the right value from your program, and the vendors who are implementing it
    • We have no agenda other than your success, so we can give an independent assessment of the status of the program
    • We can match the expertise of the vendors you have selected for implementation, so we can formulate options for you to discuss with them and help you to evaluate their proposals for changes and improvements
    • We have the experience and tools to help you keep an independent view of business benefits realization

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