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Transformation strategy

We work with clients who have the ambition and the passion to transform their business into something new – change what you do, how you do it, who you do it for, and how you make money from it.

Our service offering provides a structured approach to designing and planning business transformation that will harness their passion and achieve their ambition. Our consultants provide the experience, and the commitment to your agenda, to support you through the transformation journey.

We use a six-step approach to defining and planning a business transformation:

  • Defining your ambition: Using a mixture of structured interviews, workshops and analysis techniques, we work with the senior management to articulate the ambition that will drive the business transformation and the value case it will deliver.
  • Defining the high-level processes : Using various process design accelerators and tools, we will work with you to define the high-level business processes and capabilities that enable your ambition to be achieved.
  • Defining the technology and deployment strategy : While not everything in a business transformation program is technology-enabled, most programs depend on designing and implementing tools that will enable the execution of the new business processes, and provide the data needed to operate and manage them. In this step, we drive consensus on the core technologies (ERP, digital, cloud) that will enable the business transformation and the industrialized deployment approach, minimizing risk and maximizing business volume.
  • Defining the program management strategy: In this step, we reach a common agreement on the governance, methods, structures and tools needed to deliver the business transformation program.
  • Defining the application landscape : In this step, we define the ‘to-be’ application landscape, taking into account the technology and deployment strategy, defining the impact, and revising and updating the application architecture based on strategic alignment and template strategy.
  • Defining the data strategy : In this step, we build a high-level data strategy with a focus on master data, data quality management, and the data needed to service reporting and monitoring requirements.

At the end of this six-step approach, the business and IT have a common understanding on what the business transformation is for and how it will be achieved.

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