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We develop a future-state architecture and identify an enterprise service portfolio for enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA) initiatives.

SOA definition includes:
  • Creating an SOA reference architecture that covers the technology building blocks (ESB, registry, monitoring tools, etc.) for a service-oriented enterprise
  • Defining an SOA-based solution architecture for a program
  • Defining an SOA security architecture to address challenges such as confidentiality, data integrity, authentication and authorization, non-repudiation, etc.
  • Evaluating vendors
  • Developing proofs of concept (based on the reference architecture) to realize a service-oriented architecture
Business and information architecture definition includes:
  • Creating a metadata model for key entities and data elements of an enterprise
  • Creating business domain and process models
  • Identifying a service portfolio using a ‘middle-out’ approach that combines a top-down process and domain decomposition exercise, and a bottom-up application portfolio analysis
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