Service offerings

Organization / governance

We help enterprises develop and implement a governance model that will guide, monitor, and measure enterprise SOA adoption.

SOA competency center setup

Our service helps organizations establish a competency center to promote, guide, and accelerate SOA adoption. The shared service provides strategic and technical support, including:
  • Building a business case for new SOA programs
  • Developing an SOA strategy and transition plan
  • Establishing technology capability, mapping capabilities to the technology landscape, and defining the SOA 'future' state
  • Putting in place an SOA governance model
  • Developing and implementing solutions and frameworks
  • Defining the strategy for knowledge management

SOA governance

Our service covers:

  • Implementing a comprehensive SOA governance model covering aspects such as organization, leadership, processes, investment, and polices
  • Defining SOA governance processes (reviews, exception management, etc.,) to augment existing IT and / or project governance
  • Developing a chargeback model for service development
  • Evaluating and deploying a design-time SOA governance tool (Registry)
  • Evaluating and deploying a run-time SOA governance tool
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