White Papers

A Reference Guide to Successful Data Center Migration

Data Centers operate in a dynamic landscape. Applications and data in the production environment change constantly and get replicated to a remote Disaster Recovery facility on a regular basis. To develop...


Enterprise Application Performance Management: An End-to-End Perspective

Performance management of enterprise applications is the key to maximizing returns on IT investment. With rapidly evolving technology, continued improvements in performance management and establishing baseline metrics is important to the sustenance of key infrastructure elements.

This article appeared in the SETLabs Briefings on 'Enterprise IT Perspectives' (Oct - Dec, 2006).


Threat Modeling in Enterprise Architecture Integration*

Enterprise architecture integration has matured to enable information sharing across geographies and platforms. It has also become very complex. As a result, vulnerability analysis is crucial to assess and safeguard against threats.

*This article appeared in the SETLabs Briefings on 'Enterprise Architecture and Business Competitiveness' (Oct-Dec, 2004).