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Agile/DevOps Enabled Product Value Chain

Google, Facebook and Amazon introduce and test hundreds of features every day to identify the capabilities that their users will adopt and use. On the other hand, most traditional enterprises take multiple quarters to roll out features/tools that are barely used. This legacy of mainframe and ERP development approaches affects several enterprises that are unable to meet the demand for a bi-modal IT . Despite successful deployments of Agile processes and DevOps tools within information technology (IT) and engineering departments, business stakeholders are still unaware of how to drive rapid execution, maximize the benefit of Agile and accelerate time-to-market. While niche Agile shops address this challenge by offering certifications and cookie-cutter Scrum playbooks, tools vendors market the adoption of their versions of DevOps tools as the solution. However, both these approaches lack the breadth of vertical understanding and the depth of technical know-how.

Our Offering

Infosys Consulting offers Agile/DevOps-enabled Product Value Chain to bridge the gap between business and engineering/IT. Based on the premise that there is no perfect Agile/DevOps, we help clients revamp their product value chain while taking full account of existing processes, tools and human capital maturity such as information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) or project management professionals (PMP).

Our implementation approach involves:

  • Assessing the time-to-capability maturity of as-Is process/tools/workers
  • Devising custom and contextualized Agile future states and tool-stacks using our intellectual property (IP)/accelerators. These are often built as incremental capabilities that can be deployed in sprints
  • Creating client-specific learning programs that target all functions, thereby enabling the entire organization to adopt Agile uniformly
  • Manage the actual transition/transformation by guiding pilot programs, creating the value cases for senior management to track and guide continuous improvement through the adoption of DevOps-driven metrics consoles

Leveraging our offering helps clients accelerate their product or internal roadmaps and transform into agile enterprises.

Offering Owner

Jeff Kavanaugh Jeff Kavanaugh, Partner,

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