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Agile Retailing

In the new economy, retailers are looking to serve their customers better by understanding their ever-changing changing needs for engagement and commerce. It is important for retailers like to:

  • React faster in the market
  • Reduce likelihood of major project failures
  • Innovate and experiment with new ideas in the market
  • Optimize the relationship between their business and IT organizations

To add to these issues, the traditional cost arbitrage model is creating fewer returns and the different lines of businesses are increasingly frustrated by a culture that is unable to react to market speed. Retailers are increasingly looking for an alternative solution to increase their agility.

Our Offering

Infosys has been a strategic partner with many retailers, providing them with a unique blend of functional expertise, technical knowledge, agile program execution, and the guidance to create an agile enterprise.

Infosys brings the following value to retailers trying to become an agile enterprise:

  • Changing the culture of the IT organization (and relevant parts of the business)
  • Partnering with the client to identify and execute on program acceleration opportunities
  • Leverage tools and automation accelerators to reduce development cycles and enable rapid deployment
  • Creating a mechanism for quickly vetting, prototyping, and testing new ideas in the market without major investments

The retailers have experienced considerable benefits after partnering with Infosys, such as:

  • Prototyping new business ideas in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Reduction of release cycles from 6 months to 5 weeks
  • 50% more features for the same effort
  • 75% reduction in support cost
  • Zero percent performance defects in digital assets

Offering Owner

Seth Lively Seth Lively, Associate Partner,

Hirak H. Patel Hirak H. Patel, Senior Principal,

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