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Next Generation Supply Chain

Today, supply chain management involves a lot more than processes to plan, control and track product movement across different functions. While some automotive companies have implemented robust SCM systems to enable leaner and agile processes with higher efficiencies, others still struggle with excessive inventory, stock outs, inaccurate demand planning, and suboptimal capacity.

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Service Parts Management

As competition across the globe increases, the automotive industry suffers from lower sales profits. However, the after-sales business continues to be a critical driver of growth for automotive OEMs owing to the extended average period of ownership of vehicles and the recent increase in car sales volumes.

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Warranty Management

Managing warranty is an enterprise-wide challenge that affects several departments including quality, customer service, product development, finance, and procurement. Information technology (IT) departments struggle to support complex and interdependent warranty-related systems and the large volume of complex data residing within them. Without accurate data, finance departments are unable to handle the reserves and accruals required to reflect escalating claims and recalls.

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Connected Vehicle Technologies

The connected vehicle landscape is being reshaped by new and existing players who leverage innovative technologies to enhance connections between the customer, dealer and automotive OEM.

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Core Receivables and Finance

Next generation core receivables and finance departments are facing challenges owing to increased globalization and the need to enable agile to drive increased business value. Today, finance cannot be relegated to the position of an isolated data collector.

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