Trends and Challenges

1. Next generation supply chain

Reduce costs and streamline logistics
Transparent supplier relationships continue to be a strategic initiative that is driven by global trade management (GTM). Enterprises are looking to reduce cost by streamlining supply chain resourcing, capacity planning, transportation, and trade compliance.

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2. Service parts management

Create value by delivering service faster
As competition increases there is a pressing need to deliver better customer service with faster issue resolution time. Infosys Consulting provides an assessment for supply chain optimization to identify opportunities that increase value across all nodes of the supply chain from supplier to the end-customer.

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3. Warranty management

Depleting expert pool and system disparity creates errors in processes
The rules, processes and account determination for warranty of parts are different across regions, making system maintenance difficult and resulting in errors. Non-enterprise systems are unable to support changes to the prices of parts under warranty, resulting in inaccurate data correlations for spend analysis, quality management, supplier data, etc.

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4. Connected vehicle technologies

Respond quickly to customer demand for advanced features
Advances in connected vehicle technologies have created new opportunities for the automotive sector. As customer demands evolve, automotive manufacturers must adapt faster to provide services with the best customer experience.

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5. Core receivables and finance

Business transformation within finance and supply chain management
ERP has enabled systematic processing, shared services, workflow, reporting/analytics, and add-on services such as e-Invoice and tax bolt-on, thereby reducing cost and increasing efficiencies.

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