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Customer, Advisor/Channel and Product Analytics

The Industry Challenge

The financial crisis combined with loss of customer trust is creating new challenges for banks by intensifying regulatory requirements and causing dynamic shifts in customer behavior. As customers shift between online and offline channels, it is important to handle, structure and analyze customer data and customer insights to manage these challenges.

Our Offering

Infosys Consulting has a framework of consulting services, technologies, tools, and templates that provides our clients with a structured approach for customer management over the complete customer lifecycle.

Our CRM solution handles all aspects required to guide clients into building a customer-driven organization. We provide a full set of preconfigured templates and tools for the entire CRM process chain. Infosys Consulting also provides services such as analyzing and benchmarking banking-specific CRM maturity levels as well as implementing required state-of-the-art financial processes.

Establishing a CRM closed loop over the complete customer lifecycle is a key objective of a holistic CRM initiative and is crucial to establishing customer-centric banking.


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Offering Owner

Thomas Hamele

Thomas Hamele, Associate Partner,