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Consumerization of the Internet of Things

Customer centricity is the main objective for any business model in the high-tech industry. Achieving customer centricity in a business-to-business (B2B) model warrants modernization of operations such as network consolidation to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. This increasingly demands connectivity to global manufacturing hubs located in both mature and emerging markets. Subsequently, flexible architecture, consolidation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and upgrades to as-a-service business models are new priorities driving industry projects. At the same time, an increasing demand for supply chain resilience and sustainability are creating demands for centralized command centres, control towers, and predictive analysis. At the end, Internet of Things (IoT) is causing a technological revolution and enterprises are struggling to maintain profitably with evolving business and operating models stemming from advanced IoT technologies.

Our Offering

Infosys Consulting (IC) micro-service offerings address these challenges by integrating end-to-end business processes. These offerings provide business value, competitive advantage, and increased operational efficiency and help improve both top and bottom lines.

Infosys is one of the key partners in the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). We bring thought leadership, change management, and business technology offerings within IoT. Our IC team presents the offering as ‘servicification’ of processes and technologies. We map people into role-based organizations to enable better decision making with visualized data that is synthesized from captured data. Our ‘servicification’ offerings in the high-tech and manufacturing industry verticals focuses on enabling new business models through ‘as-a-service’ concepts for sales, services, product monetization, yield management, near-shoring, predictive maintenance, distributors’ channel strategy, and centralized command centres. This offering is built on a culture of learning, creativity, and purpose; which is transformed through the consistent adoption of Ai, Ki, and Dō. Ai brings together the renewed and the new. It is this binding that brings alignment and focus. Ki is the collective morale, energy, spirit - the core of the company, the human capital. It is the collective knowledge that drives business and it enables renewal of what is already there. Dō is the path forward and is the force of creativity that leads to innovation. It directs us towards what is new. Design Thinking, at scale, provides much of the power behind this transformation.

‘Servicification’ helps to bring simplification and automation as well as user centric design and a culture of innovation in the high-tech and manufacturing industries. The enablement of digital operations is the key focus of this offering and it allows clients to customize their services.

Offering Owner

Gaurav Palta

Gaurav Palta, Partner,

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