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Customer Information & Billing Systems (CI&B) for utilities

Distributed energy resources (DER), demand response (DR), smart grid technologies, as well as a volatile regulatory environment, have converged to make most legacy CI&B systems obsolete. Thanks to the Internet of Things and real-time information flow, the need for state-of-the-art customer management is here to stay.

Customer interactions via mobile devices, Web portals, and social media have dramatically changed the customer landscape. Billing systems need to accommodate net metering from DER, as well as paybacks for consumption reduction via demand response. Selecting and implementing the right CI&B system is now a strategic imperative.

Our Offering

Bringing deep domain and technology expertise, Infosys teams with utilities companies to evaluate, select and implement the most advantageous CI&B system, carefully.

  • CI&B system selection and implementation includes the following:
    • Assessment of CI&B requirements
    • Evaluation and selection of optimal CI&B system
    • CI&B system implementation with IT / OT integrations

Offering Owner

Ron Thompson

Ron Thompson, Partner – Resources and Utilities