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Digitization of Operations

Back-office operations are under tremendous pressure to reduce costs. Typically, this is addressed by leveraging a global workforce, enabling outsourcing and implementing technology platforms. While these have resulted in lower cost of service, they have also reduced control over customer outcomes and made the customer service experience impersonal. Human-centric processes are unable to scale up, presenting additional challenges of labor shortage, inconsistent customer experience, improper knowledge sharing, and increasing labor cost.

Our Offering

Infosys Consulting addresses these challenges by digitizing operation workflows. We leverage rule-based automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning systems, analytics, and informed decision-making to drive cost optimization while enabling a responsive and improved customer experience.

By eliminating manual operations, we help clients create a consistent experience and reduce operational delays. The automation and digitization of workflows allows organizations to improve performance with reduced incremental resourcing. It also enables exponential growth by removing low value-add tasks and maximizing the value of human interactions across the workflow. It fosters closer relationships between internal and external customers by offering higher transparency and visibility into operations and reducing turnaround times and delays.

This offering can be implemented for operations across the enterprise involving:

  • Support – Customer support operations and technical assistance centers (TAC)
  • Sales – Sales quote creation/build, discount/deal approval workflow and customer relationship management (CRM)/master data management (MDM) data clean-up
  • Order management – Sales quote/order support and order analytics
  • IT – System/application/platform support and operations as well as helpdesk
  • Finance – Billing support operations such as helpdesk, research, billing disputes, and credit/adjustment resolution

Offering Owner

Graham Passey Graham Passey, Associate Partner,

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