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The single largest impediment to value organizations face is an effective mechanism to train and engage their employees. The challenge with the traditional methods is that they are boring and less effective.

Companies continue to invest in standardizing business process and rolling out new systems and applications to their internal employees, to their customers and to their business partners.  However the biggest challenge remains  user engagement and adoption.  This is true whether it is Transportation, Warehousing or most commonly Retail Operations.

Organizations across all industries are turning to gamification to motivate, incentivize and reward user groups to engage and adopt these new business processes and applications.

Our Offering

We use Enterprise Gamification to drive up engagement & adoption of standard business processes and new applications, reward positive behavior, generate excitement and fun, and create a sense of accomplishment.  When applied to targeted user groups the goal is to positively impact business metrics and key performance indicators.

Game design principles and game mechanics are integrated into user experiences to motivate, incentivize and reward predictable user behaviours and activities which result in positive impacts to business metrics.

Addressable opportunities for applying gamification techniques exist across the extended enterprise and can be viewed in three portfolios of user experiences – employee, customer and business partner.

Our Gamification Practice takes an end-to-end solution approach helping clients to:

  • define gamification strategies and designs using Human Centric design thinking techniques,
  • configure and integrate our industry leading gamification platform (Infosys Enterprise Gamification Platform – IEGP), and
  • design and deliver Gamification COEs to manage and deliver on the growing demand for gamification user experiences across the extended enterprise.

Our gamification solutions can be applied to mobile applications, web applications, commerce applications and thin/thick client applications.

Our unique value proposition is that we can deploy a working solution in weeks not months and let the solution evolve through iterative deployments.

Offering Owner

Michael Hendrix Michael Hendrix
Partner – Gamification Practice Lead
Infosys Consulting

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