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Most organizations attempt to address the experiential digital challenge by adopting the familiar waterfall transactional process. However, this is a slow, expensive process with poor stakeholder experience.

Our Offering

With Infosys Consulting, you leverage our Digital Innovation Factory offering with Design Thinking, Agile development, clickable prototypes, and reusable components to create a digital experience for internal and external stakeholders. The offering designs an experiential solution that is relevant to the target stakeholder and can be converted into a clickable prototype within days for user feedback. This allows users to visualize the solution and provide constructive feedback before the development phase. Through this, organizations can manage stakeholder expectations and deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) solution within three months. As subsequent MVPs are planned for a series of micro-services, organizations benefit from an end-to-end user journey that can be realized faster and at lower cost compared to the traditional waterfall model along with accurate functionality and an improved user experience.

Offering Owner

Mike Mazur Mike Mazur, Associate Partner,