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Digitization of Operations

Back-office operations are under tremendous pressure to reduce costs. Typically, this is addressed by leveraging a global workforce, enabling outsourcing and implementing technology platforms. While these have resulted in lower cost of service, they have also reduced control over customer outcomes and made the customer service experience impersonal.

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Business Process Management

High-tech organizations face increased pressure to keep evolving. They need to scale their platforms and processes to keep pace with rapid and organic market growth. They should also focus on integrating and optimizing complex acquisitions. Further, they need to adopt innovative approaches such as new business models or channel strategies for go-to-market.

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User experience driven products and services

Now, technology is being irreversibly stitched into the fabric of our lives, by amplifying our ability to engage, experience, and influence our environment like never before.

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Agile/DevOps Enabled Product Value Chain

Google, Facebook and Amazon introduce and test hundreds of features every day to identify the capabilities that their users will adopt and use. On the other hand, most traditional enterprises take multiple quarters to roll out features/tools that are barely used.

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New Software and Services Business Models

New players in the high-tech industry are increasingly adopting and enabling new business models to succeed. The entry of cloud and service-based business models is disrupting the market for companies that have gained their position through hardware and packaged software.

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Consumerization of the Internet of Things

Customer centricity is the main objective for any business model in the high-tech industry. To achieve customer centricity in a business-to-business (B2B) model warrants modernization of operations such as network consolidation to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

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