Industry Overview

Today, software (and technology as a whole) is pervading all facets of human life. The world is now at a tipping point as many of the biggest, global challenges are overcome using software. This is indeed the digital revolution!

High-Tech and manufacturing companies are playing a prominent role in this revolution. While high-tech companies are creating new technologies to explore new possibilities, manufacturing companies are going one-step further by using these technologies to create new solutions that make possibilities a reality. From connected cars to smart farming and digital aviation to smart buildings, the high-tech and manufacturing sectors are at crossroads on their journey to the new digital revolution.

Three fundamental changes are required to accelerate this journey in the right direction: Shift focus from manufacturing products to creating solutions, imbibe a global outlook, and fast-track research and development and capability building.

Smart solutions designed for key challenges

Along with our high tech and manufacturing clients, we play a leading role to address the world’s largest challenges directly. The manufacturing industry provides the physical building blocks of solutions and the high-tech industry acts as a multiplier and accelerator.

As we rapidly move to a globally connected human experience, we witness a world where the important challenges to humankind are global  and so, is their solution.

Among these global challenges, the below mentioned are the five key ones:

  • Sustainability – It plays a crucial role in terms of resource consumption as well as protecting the human environment. E.g. Unlike other previous environmental focus areas, global warming and carbon emissions are caused by and affect the entire world.
  • Safety and convenience – With consumers constantly aspiring for newer and richer experiences, pervasive solutions connecting people and things are helping provide choice, precision, insight, and access to a customized experience from any place and at any time. Additionally, visibility, monitoring, and collaboration are addressing consumers’ concerns for safety and security.
  • Education – Along with technology, education provides a unique opportunity to create solutions that are capable of transcending geographical and resource limitations. It brings the promise of equal access to excellent education within everyone’s reach.
  • Healthcare, where significant technology investments for both efficiency and better outcomes in the developed world are mirrored by technologies that greatly increase the leverage of limited physical resources in the developing world.
  • Poverty – Multiple technology-enabled developments, from micro-finance to global sourcing is capable of creating more wealth for more people globally than at any other time in human history.

The transformative application of technology has endowed us with solutions to these global challenges. Computing power, cloud storage, analytics, sensors, and connectivity have all seen dramatic improvements over the past few years. The intelligent combination of these technologies has enabled solutions with the potential to address these global challenges, effectively.