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High-tech organizations face increased pressure to keep evolving. They need to scale their platforms and processes to keep pace with rapid and organic market growth. They should also focus on integrating and optimizing complex acquisitions. Further, they need to adopt innovative approaches such as new business models or channel strategies for go-to-market.

However, most business and technical architectures fail to keep up with these demands. As process exceptions and customizations expand throughout the architecture, it compromises agility and the ability to respond to future needs. Transforming processes with insufficient governance and limited built-in monitoring and analytics can reduce visibility. Additionally, the organization lacks an end-to end view to address all these issues.

Our Offering

Infosys Consulting offers a range of services in the area of business process management (BPM). Successful engagements with leading companies across the globe have equipped our domain consultants with in-depth industry understanding. Our analytics and process re-engineering capabilities help us drive actionable optimization and transformation. Our strategic alliances and robust technical capabilities have helped us ensure large-scale BPM implementations with integration from strategy to execution.

Our Business Process Management offering focuses on:

  • Process architecture design and optimization – We help organizations adopt a portfolio approach to business processes by focusing on those processes and services that are crucial to the core business. We work with clients to develop and optimize the process landscape, design and implement process classification, and define processes and services.
  • Process automation and performance monitoring – We help clients establish mechanisms to regularly monitor and control process performance. These process controls enable organizations to determine deviations in delivering the expected service levels at an early stage and apply countermeasures, thereby ensuring consistent and improved service.
  • Process organization and governance – We help clients define the controls and mechanisms necessary to govern changes in processes and architecture while maintaining the agility to meet the needs of shifting business demands. This includes designing and facilitating organizational changes to maintain the controls. We enable clients to establish roles and responsibilities for process management along with smooth integration with the line organization. We ensure organizational control using robust governance structures and aligning the business operating model with strategic business objectives.

Offering Owner

Graham Passey Graham Passey, Associate Partner,

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