Industrial Manufacturing

Trends and Challenges

1. ERP Transformation Fatigue

Pressure to adapt quickly

The demand for operational excellence along with fast-evolving technologies is forcing companies to adopt new solutions at a faster rate.

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2. User-centric digital solutions

Enhance the digital experience

Business to customer (B2C) companies have raised the standards for managing all customer touch points with a brand, thereby forcing companies to either keep pace with increasing user expectations or lose their edge.

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3. Multiple business and operating models required to work together

Enhance project management

As transactional and experiential expectations merge, organizations that want to succeed need to deliver projects at faster speed and lower cost with an improved user-experience while ensuring post-implementation support.

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4. Internet of Things (IoT) and connected products/systems

New models are disrupting market share

The rise in the number of connected things is affecting feature differentiation as well as pricing and monetization models. Organizations that previously benefited from the absence of new business models are struggling to retain their position as these models are being quickly adopted by new players and disrupting the market share landscape.

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