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Insight driven Retailing

Retailers today have access to tremendous amount of data. However making sense of this data and more importantly leveraging it in the process to realize value is a huge opportunity. However there are some fundamental challenges:

  1. The ability to deal with the vast disparate data: This needs the right tools and more importantly a strong understanding of the underlying data as well.
  2. The ability make sense of the data: This needs the talent and the tools to derive insights from the data
  3. Get the qualified talent: The ability to have the talent that can understand the data, model it in the context of the business and also tell a story that can be understood.
  4. Integration with the process: Integrating business insight into the business process is critical to derive any value.
  5. The insight driven mindset: The is the toughest challenge of all. Getting the organization to be data and insight driven is a huge issue
  6. Establishing the right organization structure for Insights: This requires the right talent, metrics, organizational construct to be able to deliver value. .

Our Offering

Infosys provides end to end services to help retailers become insights driven. We do this through solutions, accelerators and consulting offerings.

  1. To help in translating the data into insight we have invested in:
    1. Infosys Information Platform: A leading edge platform based on Open Source Technologies to help build real time analytics for various business problems
    2. A talent pool of data scientists to be able to build the analytical models and a team of domain specialists across functional areas
    3. Alliances with academic institutions to help invest in leading edge research and also provide for a pool of talent to work with
    4. Solutions for specific areas of opportunity like consumer insights, merchandizing insights, supply chain analytics and omni channel analytics.
  2. To help derive value out of the insights we have invested in creating accelerators and frameworks to help :
    1. Integrate the insights into the business process
    2. A Design thinking led approach to help drive an organizational change in mindset with a bias to action and collaboration
    3. A comprehensive approach based on learning to organization design for an insights driven enterprise.

Offering Owner

Kishor Gummaraju Kishor Gummaraju
Managing Partner, Infosys Consulting

Prasad Vuyyuru Prasad Vuyyuru
Partner, Infosys Consulting

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