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Internet of Things (IoT) for utilities

Utilities are now faced with a rapidly escalating need to optimize operational efficiency and customer engagement / connectivity. The good news is that the IoT is accelerating the convergence of smart devices and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication to aid in addressing these challenges. These include advancements in mobility, cloud, big data, and predictive analytics. These technologies are proven and viable.

Our Offering

Infosys enables utilities companies to realize the promise of IoT. Our innovative IoT solutions address the following:

  • Demand response (DR) system implementation
  • Mobile solutions for field operations
    • Scheduling and routing
    • Work order management
    • Time and labor management
    • Geographic Information System (GIS) tracking
  • Mobile solutions for customer engagement
  • Asset performance monitoring and maintenance optimization
  • IT / OT convergence – enabling communication between mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) and operational technology devices (SCADA, sensors, field equipment, etc.)
  • Home area networks (HAN) for connected homes

Offering Owner

Ron Thompson

Ron Thompson, Partner – Resources and Utilities

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