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Midstream Asset Integrity Management

With increase in pipeline-related incidents, aging infrastructure and regulatory pressures, most oil and gas operators are looking to enhance the integrity of their assets. However, they struggle to make objective decisions and ensure pipeline safety owing to disparate business processes and software systems, heterogeneous information and lack of powerful analytics.

Companies responsible for building pipeline integrity management (IM) capabilities face challenges with reliable record-keeping including accurate capture, consolidation and retrieval of data across various systems. Improper documentation of decisions, inaccurate inspections, and the need to capture, integrate and present data for the regulators adds to these challenges. Further, most organizations struggle to develop and implement capabilities such as algorithms and mature risk analysis processes that can identify threats, analyze risk, conduct root cause analysis, and take timely corrective action.

As enterprises expand or acquire pipeline networks with limited digital historical maintenance records, IM personnel are forced to spend significant amounts of time collecting and merging data instead of actually analyzing the data to make effective decisions. This can increase operational risk. Further, the lack of visibility into regulatory compliance can result in high penalties, thereby driving up costs. Thus, enterprises need IM solutions that enable them to objectively identify, prioritize and mitigate high risk issues while ensuring continued adherence to regulatory compliance. This requires effective information integration and traceability, work management and record-keeping.

Our Offering

Infosys Consulting helps pipeline and downstream enterprises mitigate risk in transporting hazardous cargo through pipelines across challenging terrain. We leverage predictive maintenance to extend the life of aging pipeline infrastructure and ensure structural integrity.

Our solutions help clients rationalize the cost of pipeline maintenance, reduce insurance liability and comply with regulations.

Infosys’ patented Pipeline Integrity Risk Scoring Algorithm helps operators adopt a holistic and objective approach for pipeline integrity risk management that combines managing structural risk (corrosion, dents, etc.) with operational and commercial risk. By providing these additional dimensions, we help clients transform integrity management processes from merely being regulation compliant to becoming value creators.

Our Pipeline Integrity Management services provide functional modules that create a technology ecosystem for integrity management data acquisition, data analysis and data visualization to meet the business and regulatory requirements of complex pipeline networks. We combine 3-D visualization with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for an integrated and real-time view of assets. Our threat identification and risk assessment solution incorporates tools for root-cause analysis.

We leverage mobile-based systems and protocols for faster sharing of real-time information between the oil fields and control rooms, thereby empowering the field inspection workforce. By eliminating paper-based processes, we help minimize the time lag between problem detection and resolution. Further, our record management system captures, consolidates, and retrieves information across diverse systems and maintains an archive of business data.

Infosys advantage

  • Patented algorithm calculates pipeline integrity risk score by aggregating business, commercial, operational, and structural risks
  • Our approach improves accuracy in data capture, analysis and management. It uses Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) Hazardous Liquid Integrity Management: Inspection Protocols
  • Alliances with product vendors for data management, physical and inline inspection and simulation
  • Our web-based architecture adapts to existing technology stack and IT infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive portfolio of pipeline integrity management services including business process blueprinting, future state mapping and realization, systems integration, data migration, and engineering assessment
  • End-to-end modular products including intelligent dashboards, business workflow engines, field force automation tools, and asset management applications
  • Customized reports for regional and international regulatory agencies such as PHMSA, Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), and National Energy Board (NEB).
  • Our applications and data models comply with Pipeline Open Data Standards (PODS).

Offering Owner

Dipayan Mitra Dipayan Mitra, Partner,

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