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New Software and Services Business Models

New players in the high-tech industry are increasingly adopting and enabling new business models to succeed. The entry of cloud and service-based business models is disrupting the market for companies that have gained their position through hardware and packaged software. As customers demand new ways of buying and consuming services, organizations that have built their infrastructure and processes around rigidly-defined offerings are facing tremendous challenges.

A key constraint is the reliance on rigid and highly customized architecture including monolithic enterprise resource planning (ERP). To become flexible, enterprises need to transcend ERP and adopt layered architecture that leverages orchestration and agile approaches for developing and launching new business models. Redundant processes and platforms are unable to support new internal operations required for new models such as pricing, provisioning, billing, and revenue management. Further, the type of incentives, collaboration and agility also affects adoption.

Organizations want to adopt digital to drive growth, enhance customer experience, increase brand loyalty, offer new products and services, and improve operations. However, unless they establish flexibility within their platforms, they risk being swiftly overrun by agile players.

Our Offering

Infosys Consulting assists clients with their transition to new business models by helping them understand the market landscape and make better decisions. We enable them to structure their business models to improve customer experience and loyalty while generating new growth opportunities, thereby cementing their competitive advantage. Organizations can understand the implications of these strategies on their operations and platforms, thereby transforming the technology environment to enable these models.

Our offering leverages strong capabilities around strategy, innovation, operational readiness, and execution. We help organizations determine the solution roadmap as well as enable them to optimize their business and technical architecture for these new models. With experience across industries and verticals, Infosys Consulting provides unique expertise that allows us to advise clients across the entire solution delivery. We assist enterprises on how to transform their strategy for customer and channel engagement. We also help them evolve their quote-to-cash architecture, entitlement management processes and licensing technologies.

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Graham Passey Graham Passey, Associate Partner,