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Real-time Drilling Data and Process Improvement

Oil and gas enterprises need integrated data systems to capture, process, transmit, and store data as well as ensure oil well integrity during drilling operations. An efficient data system can safeguard personnel interests, oil and gas assets and the environment.

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Upstream Data and Information Management

Oil and gas enterprises need holistic data management solutions to address the complexity of managing exploration and production data. Especially in Upstream, challenges related to disparate sources, systems and standards of data and poor data quality have resulted in lack of trust in data used for decision making and limited use of data for strategy and differentiation. Infosys Consulting helps Oil & Gas companies identify and unlock value from data acquired and generated across exploration and production activities.

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Production Surveillance, Accounting and Optimization

To maximize output, oil and gas enterprises need to ensure consistent production. While performance simulation can improve production, enterprises need to configure models to meet the specific requirements of assets across the ecosystem. This means using advanced remote monitoring systems to manage performance of oil wells, equipment and facilities.

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Hydrocarbon Planning and Capital Project Portfolio Management

To streamline operations, manage allocation agreements with partners and stay compliant, enterprises need visibility across the hydrocarbon supply chain from the oil well to the point of sale.

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Pipeline Scheduling and Operations Optimization

Oil pipeline networks and their operations have become increasingly complex owing to the addition of new pipelines, line reversals, transport of larger number of commodities, and greater connections to networks of other entities. As the prices of crude products decline, oil and gas enterprises are under significant pressure to reduce their transportation costs.

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Midstream Asset Integrity Management

With increase in pipeline-related incidents, aging infrastructure and regulatory pressures, most oil and gas operators are looking to enhance the integrity of their assets. However, they struggle to make objective decisions and ensure pipeline safety owing to disparate business processes and software systems, heterogeneous information and lack of powerful analytics.

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Upstream Asset Management and Operational Efficiency

Oil and gas enterprises need responsive asset management strategies that reduce non-productive time (NPT) and minimize insurance liability. Such a strategy should comply with environmental and safety norms, enhance asset performance, streamline asset management processes, and improve productivity.

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Trading Operations Efficiency Enhancement

Energy trading is a dynamic process that requires agile IT infrastructure to ensure seamless operations. Energy trading requires robust trade processing frameworks that enable automation, minimize errors, enhance transparency, and provide an audit trail.

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Crude and Product Supply Chain and Logistics Optimization

The issue of transportation in the oil and gas industry is a significant one. The intermodal transportation network must ensure precise operations for smooth inward and outward cargo delivery as well as visibility into shipments and capacity management. Enterprises need specialized logistics and supply chain solutions for reliable transportation and storage of petroleum products.

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