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Pipeline Scheduling and Operations Optimization

Oil pipeline networks and their operations have become increasingly complex owing to the addition of new pipelines, line reversals, transport of larger number of commodities, and greater connections to networks of other entities. As the prices of crude products decline, oil and gas enterprises are under significant pressure to reduce their transportation costs.

To address the above challenges, companies in this sector need better planning and operational decision-making systems for sequencing commodity injections. This will help optimize the costs of operations and reduce apportionments within existing operational constraints.

Thus, enterprises need a scientific approach for pipeline scheduling that delivers higher levels of process automation, enhances system intelligence and builds collaboration platforms where simulation and operational decision-making can happen collaboratively across the enterprise.

Our Offering

Infosys Consulting helps oil and product pipeline operators and midstream companies enhance their capabilities to plan and schedule pipeline operations in an effective and efficient manner. Our pipeline scheduling and optimization solutions:

  • Optimize capacity utilization
  • Reduce apportionment
  • Track inventory in real-time
  • Minimize operational costs for power, quality degradation
  • Reduce the start-up and shutdown of pipeline flows
  • Automate the creation and management of schedules while considering operational constraints
  • Capture the experiential knowledge of expert schedulers into organizational knowledge systems

We re-engineer processes to provide better visibility into supply chains and facilitate smooth pipeline operations. We leverage automation for volumetric allocations and to convert the experiential knowledge of schedulers into system intelligence. This allows enterprises to optimize planning and scheduling and eliminate human intervention, resulting in faster, objective and metrics-driven decision-making. We identify sub-optimal equipment capacity and create a mechanism to improve asset utilization using pipelines, pump stations and storage tanks.

Our consolidated pipeline management data model offers a holistic view of pipeline-related data including structured, unstructured and business intelligence (BI) data. Our robust reporting solutions incorporate intuitive drill-down tools, visualization techniques and archiving capabilities.

Infosys advantage

  • Relationships with energy management academies, pipeline modelling tool providers and simulation software companies
  • In-depth experience in hydraulic and pipeline modelling tools including PipelineStudio and PIPESIM
  • A global pool of pipeline industry specialists and techno-functional experts that possess a cumulative experience of 500+ person years and have delivered successful implementations of pipeline projects across the globe
  • Our value-driven approach delivers significant business benefits such as annual savings of US $30 million through order-to-cash transformation and supply chain optimization
  • Proven expertise in handling petroleum product operations and meeting onshore and cross-border pipeline regulations of the National Energy Board (NEB) and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Offering Owner

Dipayan Mitra Dipayan Mitra, Partner,

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