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Product Information Management (PIM)

Retailers face considerable systemic issues that limit their strategic growth plans, resulting in sub-optimal processes and lack of information about the product being offered to the end-customer. Here are some examples:

  • Retailers increasingly need more product information to effectively procure, manage and offer products to end-customers. However, legacy product on-boarding systems cannot deliver such in-depth product information.
  • Retailers need web offerings that categorize and present product information to online customers in a way that is different from brick-and-mortar customers
  • Retailers want to offer products to customers faster by reducing the cycle time from product identification to product offering
  • Retailers need additional product information to stay compliant to various product and regional level regulations
  • Retailers want enterprise-level visibility of product information in a consistent and standardized format to:
    • Enable cost-effectiveness and efficiencies in procurement
    • Offer the same products across store chains and channels more effectively
    • Support growth-by-acquisitions by providing a standardized product information system for the acquired company
  • Product vendors need effective systems to provide in-depth information on the products offered in a retailer-specific format

To be successful, retailers need accurate and all-inclusive product information to be available across multiple channels, media, functions, partners and consumers.

Our Offering

With over 14 years of experience in successful PIM solution delivery to retail clients, Infosys has extensive knowledge on how to rapidly deploy solutions across the globe at low risk. The Infosys implementation leverages an in-house repository of pre-built information frameworks, reference data models, reference process maps, reference data governance templates, and pre-configured solutions. The Infosys value proposition comprises:

  • Quickly identifying opportunities and assessing the business impact of PIM solutions such as improved consumer experience, rapid introduction of new products, and effective servicing of retailer orders
  • Robust tool selection process with pre-defined templates and a sample questionnaire that is similar to a PIM tool for vendors to conduct tool demonstration, capacity requirements planning (CRP), product evaluation, and recommendation to procure
  • IT implementation based on pre-configured solutions such as Riversand, Stibo and Informatica
  • Accelerators and methodologies for faster implementation at lower cost
  • Pre-built and best-in-class processes and templates

The Infosys PIM solution helps retailers benefit from:

  • Improved bottom line with effective order servicing
  • Improved consumer experience, particularly for the millenials customer demographic
  • Consistent compliance leading to higher savings
  • Less time-to-market by rapidly introducing products into channels

Offering Owner

Sreekrishna Subramanian Sreekrishna Subramanian, Associate Partner,