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Production Surveillance, Accounting and Optimization

To maximize output, oil and gas enterprises need to ensure consistent production. While performance simulation can improve production, enterprises need to configure models to meet the specific requirements of assets across the ecosystem. This means using advanced remote monitoring systems to manage performance of oil wells, equipment and facilities. Further, enterprises should be able to analyze the root causes of unscheduled events and respond appropriately. Thus, to ensure safe and smart production management, enterprises need robust systems that integrate historical information with real-time data.

Our Offering

Infosys Consulting helps clients integrate customized toolkits with third-party modeling applications for production optimization. We develop ‘seed models,’ undertake troubleshooting of third-party asset modeling software and create applications to track and report asset performance.

Production Optimization
By designing customized toolkits for sub-surface to surface integrated asset modeling-based production optimization, we help clients optimize production for oil and gas reserves. We also provide online optimization and operational support by automating workflows and integrating asset models with data historians, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications and surveillance systems. Further, our model maintenance approach ensures integrity within simulation results.

Partnering with Infosys Consulting for the Production Optimization Solution provides clients with an added advantage through:

  • Modeling and simulation CoE for production optimization
  • Strategic alliances with modeling and simulation product vendors
  • Expertise across production simulation and optimization applications including PIPESIM, IPM suite, Life-of-Well Information Software (LOWIS), MatBal, ReO, WellFlo, PVTflex, and Aspen HYSYS
  • Industry experts to train field personnel in using models for production optimization
  • Strategic implementation experience in modeling projects for 600 natural flowing, gas-lifted and electric submersible pumps (ESP) wells

Production Surveillance
We deploy robust production surveillance solutions that leverage routing systems with pre-defined business rules and workflows to accelerate response time for exception, condition, and event management. We also develop plug-and-play components for data management, data integration, rules and events configuration, workflow automation, and reporting.

Our solution components require minimal IT support and integrate with disparate technology stacks. The Alert Management Solution detects deviations in operating conditions and updates stakeholders about the timeline and severity of events in real-time. It also defines procedures to manage exceptions/deviations. Automated workflows ensure normalization of production systems.

Our trend analysis, forecasting, and production planning tools help clients meet production targets. Proactive asset management increases operational efficiency and reduces production downtime. Our methodology minimizes risks in implementing production surveillance solutions while fostering a collaborative work environment to improve decision-making.

Infosys advantage

  • Successful implementations of production surveillance and flow assurance systems at leading oil and gas companies
  • Global pool of oil and gas professionals including IT consultants experienced in upstream production operations and workflow management and subject matter experts with systems integration experience
  • Alliances with oil and gas technology providers, educational institutions and industry bodies
  • Knowledge management systems for training, capability building and domain certifications

Offering Owner

Mahesh Venugopalan Mahesh Venugopalan, Associate Partner,

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