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Integrated Retail Merchandising Framework

For many retailers, there is a lack of informed business process management, planning & delivery, coupled with a lack of an integrated technology and solutions portfolio which leads to a lack of visibility to process and application dependencies to drive shared performance metrics.

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Enterprise Data Strategy

Retailers are at a tipping point with Data and Analytics. The traditional method of building a data warehouse / data marts over 2-3 years and then building reporting on top of these warehouses is quickly being replaced by new approaches to delivering data, insights and actions rapidly to the business.

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Insight driven Retailing

Retailers today have access to tremendous amount of data. However making sense of this data and more importantly leveraging it in the process to realize value is a huge opportunity.

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Seamless Inventory

Flawless & delightful customer experience is a critical factor that influences the end customer’s choice of retailers. Many retailers have expanded their channels of interaction & transaction with the customers, by going the ‘Omni-channel’ way of doing business, or are planning on embarking in such a journey.

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Responsive Supply Chain in Apparel & Footwear Industry

Markdowns and stockouts in the Apparel & Footwear industry can be as high as 30% each.

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To ensure customers experience a brand, not a channel within a brand, Retailers around the globe are exploring & experimenting with various ideas, functionalities, and technology.

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Agile Retailing

In the new economy, retailers are looking to serve their customers better by understanding their ever-changing changing needs for engagement and commerce.

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The single largest impediment to value organizations face is an effective mechanism to train and engage their employees. The challenge with the traditional methods is that they are boring and less effective.

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Product Information Management

Retailers of today face considerable systemic issues that limit their strategic growth plans resulting sub-optimal processes, and inadequacy of information for the product being offered to the end customer.

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