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Now, technology is being irreversibly stitched into the fabric of our lives, by amplifying our ability to engage, experience, and influence our environment like never before.

However, despite such technological advancements, enterprises still face significant challenges pertaining to end user experience, speed of innovation, and cost of IT ownership.

The underlying reasons for these problems include:

  • A ‘build-it-and-they-will-come’ solution premise: A lack of comprehension of end user behaviour and the need for intuitive, well designed, user experiences often sinks adoption.
  • A complex, unyielding legacy technology landscape: The varied mix of platforms, custom applications, hard coded integrations, etc.; has resulted in significantly high IT costs and greater complexity.
  • Untapped enterprise knowledge: The inability to access enterprise knowledge rapidly, often hidden across minds and machines further impedes the ability to deliver valuable solutions, on time and with minimal risks.

Our Offering

Infosys Consulting’s solutions are based on the principles of AiKiDō: Three enhanced service offerings in Design Thinking, platforms and knowledge-based IT (KBIT).

: We deliver competencies such as Design Thinking and design-led initiatives that enable enterprises to reimagine strategy and actions, thereby channelizing change and instability into a source of strength. As a result, enterprises can discover, understand, and define their greatest problems in a holistic manner, taking into account the needs of key stakeholders, to transcend old ways and create completely new opportunities and futures.

Ki: We provide services that capture the enterprise spirit. In other words, we unlock the huge, historical knowledge trapped within enterprise infrastructure to simplify the landscape, automate evolution, optimize operations, and enhance  agility and ability for innovation. By definition, Ki services are about renewing the existing core for greater efficiency and performance.

Ai: We create platforms and offer them as services to deliver intelligent solutions. This is possible because of the innate agility of our platforms, which leverage open source-based innovation and technologies to enable enterprises to assemble their capabilities flexibly, as per their own specific needs. By unifying and harmonizing the disparate properties within enterprises, our Ai platforms create an enabling environment for the adoption of Ki services and  competencies.

Offering Owner

Gaurav Palta

Gaurav Palta, Partner,

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