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Big Data / Analytics for Utilities

The proliferation of the smart grid and smart meters coupled with enhanced asset tracking is generating huge volumes of data. Utilities companies are challenged to turn this data into meaningful customer and operational insights. These include predictive maintenance, customer segmentation, and demand response analytics.

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Internet of Things (IoT) for Utilities

Utilities are now faced with a rapidly escalating need to optimize operational efficiency and customer engagement / connectivity. The good news is that the IoT is accelerating the convergence of smart devices and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication to aid in addressing these challenges. These include advancements in mobility, cloud, big data, and predictive analytics. These technologies are proven and viable.

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Cybersecurity for Utilities

With the digital layer being integrated in utilities infrastructure, cyber security has become a top priority. Customers are concerned about the privacy of their data as there is growing concern of grid cyber-attacks that could result in loss of control of the grid itself.

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Demand Response (DR) Solutions for Utilities

There needs to be a real-time balance between supply and demand as electricity cannot be stored easily. Utilities have traditionally developed power generation capacity to meet peak demands. However, this is not an operationally efficient model. To address this issue, DR seeks to incentivize customers to reduce consumption during peak demand periods rather than the utilities adding additional power generation capacity. Moreover, with DR, when consumers reduce consumption, they receive a payback.

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Customer Information and Billing Systems (CI&B) for Utilities

Distributed energy resources (DER), demand response (DR), smart grid technologies, as well as a volatile regulatory environment, have converged to make most legacy CI&B systems obsolete. Thanks to the Internet of Things and real-time information flow, the need for state-of-the-art customer management is here to stay.

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